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AllCore Communications Inc.

I was with CrazyHostGuy before it was bought by AllCore, and had very few problems with my 3 websites as a customer for 8 years. Once AllCore came into the picture, I had nothing but problems and the WORST service I have EVER had ANYWHERE, including being ignored. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with AllCore unless you want a painful experience.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 22 Dec 2016


We have been using Mexxus Hosting for several years now and are very happy with the reliability, speed and most importantly personalized support we get whenever needed. I highly recommend this web host.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 21 Dec 2016


In my opinion, THCservers proved as unique and premium company at all the services they give..all my experience with them was perfect They have very fast and helpful support and i mean here that they not only help you with fix issues but they even advice you the company have great servers and never happend get down and amazing performence here i am talking about 99.9% optmized for what they offer i would say i get the...

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 16 Nov 2016

Canadian Web Hosting

I've been incredibly disappointed with Canadian Web Hosting. After setting up my website last year and backing it up, I re-visited it last month to discover that the site wouldn't load at all. With no notifications from Canadian Web Hosting, my site had been infected with malware and all my backups were deleted. I paid for security add-ons for the project, which is just a standard WordPress site. The fact that Canadian Web...

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 11 Oct 2016


Really bad service, never answer their phones, and had their DNS servers go down today. Didn't post anything on twitter, or respond to facebook requests for info. In fact, deleted everyone's comments after the servers came back up.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 12 Jul 2016

Shock Hosting

I can not be more pleased with this company. There has never been a problem, just bought a 1 year plan.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 14 Apr 2016


I've been with Kedija for 2 years now and their support has been consistently amazing and quick. I have not had any issues with my websites and I enjoy their flexibility and how they have helped me grow my servers. I definitely recommend them with all the options they have and their great support for these options. You can't go wrong.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 21 Sep 2015


4goodwebhosting delivers above and beyond! Even with short time constraints, Mike and his team did an outstanding job recreating my web site, and at a fraction of the cost of the competitions price. I highly recommend them!! Thanks Mike and team for AMAZING work!!!

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Last reviewed on Monday, 02 Mar 2015


I have used Netfirms for maybe 10 years now. They were great Canadian hosting company. Then it was sold to US who then outsourced IT support to India or Pakistan and the experience went down the hill from there. First, I installed php picture album software from their own store (software approved, tested and available to all NETFIRMS customers). After 4 years without hiccup, suddenly I could not upload any more pictures. When...

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Last reviewed on Monday, 15 Dec 2014


Overall these guys have really let me down. About once a month our servers have gone down for 4 or more hours at a time. They never call you back and they don't update support tickets until the issues is resolved. When they do respond they are completely unapologetic about the downtime. Avoid at all costs.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 06 Nov 2014


We have been with them for a really long time, even before it was called Hostabulous and we always had a top notch service. Servers are fast and reliable. Thumbs up!

Last reviewed on Monday, 03 Nov 2014

Illusive Creations

Set up great web based online auction and completely developed our website, Great web hosting and SEO based local canadian business.

Last reviewed on Monday, 14 Jul 2014

LinkAlone Networks

My site have been suspended without notifying or alerting me and when I contact their support they told my I was phishing with farther investigation they found another domain (not mine) was phishing and they claim it was under my account which was not. When I asked them to let me access my files as I don't have backup they refused and the excuse is (it MIGHT carry over a rootkit or something) and all what I was asking for...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 10 Jul 2014


I have hosted my website www.aphoticsouls.com with 101sitehosting for the past few months, and have loved it. My site has never been down, and their customer support team is very reliable and knowledgeable. The best part is that their $2.99 hosting plan came with unlimited email accounts as well. That's just awesome! I would highly recommend 101sitehosting to anyone looking for an affordable host.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 10 Jul 2014


Got an email: "The transfer and renewal of your domain name is not yet complete at this time." with instructions to unlock the domain name status at my current registrar so when I click on their link, they can simply go in and move my domain name and charge me for the renewal. BEWARE. I do my own renewals and mine isn't up for some time, so this was a red flag. If this had a minus Star, I would have rated it accordingly.

Last reviewed on Monday, 16 Jun 2014

Intrinsix Canada

Very smart people, very professional, very high quality systems development. Project improved our routing and capacity visualization tenfold.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 12 Jun 2014


Great hosting services at a competitive price. Reliable & No Downtime in 24 months on the VPS Mega Package.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 04 Jun 2014

No Help Hosting

NoHelpHost offers alot of affodable pricing for there product ! They help me out on finding the right solution for my blog zjemily.com

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Last reviewed on Monday, 28 Apr 2014

Royalty Networks

RN are average. Their support is poor. Despite offering "254/7" support it can take over a day and a reminder email to even reply to queries. The support is often incomplete, addressing only a fraction of the problems mentions, and the answer is often just a one-liner. Reliability is OK. A few DoS outages, a cut line, and several server overloads causing HTTP 503 errors have been seen in the last 6 months. The control panel...

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Last reviewed on Friday, 25 Apr 2014

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